Who Is Fabio Turatti?

Fabio Turatti

I am Fabio Turatti

Fabio Turatti is… [wait a second. I better refer to myself in the first person].

I’m a passionate, creative, energetic friend and leader. Educated in Australia, I’ve lived and worked for years in the sleepless city of Milan (Italy). It’s there I fell in love with photography, fashion, food, and culture. Passions only matched by my love of science and the high-innovation start-up scene. Now back in Australia, I’m the Chief Operating Officer for a life-science company.

I’m lucky that my diverse passions allow me to exercise both hemispheres of my brain. Work is scientific, analytical, technological and calculating. My personal life is creative, artistic, and culturally enriching.

Why the website? Well, it’s logical really. I’m a self-absorbed megalomaniac! Actually, my website gives me the chance to present my online calling-card, by externalising all the stuff I love.

I hope you enjoy it!

Photos I have taken.

Mere snapshots of the experiences I live.

What others say about me.

You know, just in case you need independent opinions.

Superb photography mentor, IT supporter extraordinaire, impeccable web-host & knows a thing or two about finding the best polenta chips in Australia. What more can one ask from a good friend?

ElaneZScientist & Photographer

Let’s just say Fabio has the kind of charisma that sees me jumping at any offer to go to brunch with him – even when I don’t know it’s him who’s asking! A wonderful friend who is fun, funny and endlessly supportive.

JeanettePMedtech Developer

You know that guy that always gives good advice and always knows what to say? Oh that’s not Fabio! But he’s definitely that steadfast friend that’ll be there to help you pick up the pieces when it all falls apart.

WilliamBLegal Eagle

The first person I put in front of my lens. Trying to impress, I cried because of the stress. He laughed and laughed! Great friend and mentor. Never far from a restaurant. Always ready to share.

SophiePPhotographer & Photographee

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