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I am Fabio Turatti

Fabio Turatti is… [wait a second. I better refer to myself in the first person].

I’m a passionate, creative, energetic friend and leader. Educated in Australia, I’ve lived and worked for years in the sleepless city of Milan (Italy). It’s there I fell in love with photography, fashion, food, and culture. Passions only matched by my love of science and the high-innovation start-up scene. Now back in Australia, I’m the Chief Operating Officer for a life-science company.

I’m lucky that my diverse passions allow me to exercise both hemispheres of my brain. Work is scientific, analytical, technological and calculating. My personal life is creative, artistic, and culturally enriching.

Why the website? Well, it’s logical really. I’m a self-absorbed megalomaniac! Actually, my website gives me the chance to present my online calling-card, by externalising all the stuff I love.

I hope you enjoy it!

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Innovation Jolt

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